My Glass Tongue and I

Hi all and thanks for checking out my first Blog.... ever !   I started with this idea of blogging originally with the thought that I needed to do this amongst so much more, to sharpen up the online marketing, presence and position for my business Brisbane Glass. But as I went through the HUGE learning curve, in the understanding and set up of the Blog etc  I found that I started to realise how Ginormous  Blogging is online and what I should really be using this platform ( of which I now had a real liking of   ) for .

So on this gracious day as I blog to you with my freshly polished glass tongue, I promise that my blogs will be messages, stories and information of a positive, productive, fun and responsible nature... Because theres to much of the negative stuff around ..  So please stay tuned, log on, attach below, follow, tweet, like and look or just come back again and checkout what I have found and join in with your say ...


  1. Hi Mike

    Great website! I like the way you have made it interactive allowing customers and business colleagues to leave a comment if they wish. Well done!

    Cheers from Michael Ward

  2. Thank you Michael for you comment ... I appreciate this greatly.
    This was our plan with the new website and link boxes to our Facebook page and Blog site alike.
    Online searchers, for a tradesperson / glazier, are looking for confidence in who they choose and we feel this new site and its links and interactiveness, as you have mentioned, will show them who we really are and why they should feel very confident with us, Brisbane Glass, as their choice when it comes to their glass needs.


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