5 Reasons Why NOT to Do Sliding Glass Door Repair Yourself

While Brisbane is one of Australia's most beautiful cities with a tropical climate and beautiful scenery, as experts in Brisbane Glass repair, we encounter on an almost daily basis do-it-yourself disasters when novice glass folk try to fix their sliding glass doors or windows by themselves. Sliding glass doors and windows provide a beautiful outdoorsy view and provide natural lighting to your home. One of the first parts of a house that tends to wear off the sliding glass doors because they fall victim to Qld's extreme weather conditions.(Learn more about our Brisbane Glass sliding glass door  and window repair services (including sliding door and window glass replacement) or contact us for a free estimate at 3376 5575.

FIVE reasons why not to do sliding glass door and window repairs yourself

  1. Transportation-  Most sliding glass doors and windows in the Brisbane area are quite large and can’t be transported safely by your average car. Although a truck could suffice, you need to keep in mind that the glass must be attached properly on the vehicle to avoid any damage to the doors.
  2. Tools and Equipment- A rubber mallet, putty knife, heavy-duty drills, suction cups, rubber gaskets, and other basic tools are needed in order to replace a sliding glass door. Depending on the size of the glass additional tools might be needed to get the job done properly. Learning how to repair a sliding glass door  or window is, of course, more than just the tools and equipment.
  3. Time-If you have no experience on sliding glass door repairs you might want to think about the amount of time it will take you to get the new sliding glass door up and running. You might want to ask yourself how valuable is your own time. (Note: when calculating the cost of sliding glass door or window repairs, many people forget their own time has value and that “time is money,” as they say).
  4. Experience & Skill-In order to replace a sliding glass door or window one must be a skilled handy man and able to handle the strenuous physical activity and weight of carrying the glass and mounting it.
  5. Safety- Without proper safety precautions, sliding glass door repairs could be very dangerous. Dealing with broken glass and mishandling the new glass could lead to many injuries. Sometimes its better to put a risky task in the hands of a professional.

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