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One of the most common questions we are asked, at Brisbane Glass, that is not directly associated with the business is  ... " What is the best cleaner for the glass in the shower screen".

Unfortunately the majority of those inquiring are asking too late and after the build up on the glass has reached the point of no return. ( see photos ) The build up of water, dirt and soap spots, if not attended to regularly  and appropriately become so much that it just can't be removed in full .

Worst Case of soap buildup ..

So here it is ... to keep your glass looking for longer and more often, like the day it was new and unused.... definitely the best and easiest and most cost effective method.

1.  Firstly you must start immediately from day one or as close as you can to this day.
2.  Buy a good flat, small and simple glass water squeegee.
3. Then begin with every person using the shower, on everyday immediately after use, to squeegee
    OFF the water and soap thoroughly. This takes about 60 seconds to do .
4.  Lastly clean glass monthly with a good all- purpose cleaner.

     SO there it is ... I hope this helps  .....  ⊙_
                  -----   Have a try .. see what you think.. and let me know HERE, what you find  !  --------

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