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 The worlds population today is some where over 7 billion and yet only a small percentage create and live a life that the rest and the majority wish that they too could have.  Within this small group are those that continually accomplish more and more as their lives go on, while others seem to reach a peak and never rise from that point again. 

We must remind ourselves that, yes , life will choose WHAT challenges we will go through but it is you and only you who is able to choose HOW you go through these . Theses challenges will be many and varied, of positive and negative nature,  sunny days and stormy days and unfortunately those people who don't understand or refuse to accept that they have the ability to mind manage their challenges are those who through their fears or laziness, never grow in wisdom from experience and they will let their situation or circumstances determine their future. 

So .. come on ..  let whatever is in your heart, what ever is in your awake dreams determine your future. 

Ok going through hard times can make it really tough to hold faith, see and believe but this is when you and on every other day also,  believe in you, believe in your awake dream and goal and believe it all will happen because it is those who face their challenges with belief and mindfulness that grow and achieve and do what they want in life.

 The best way to predict your future is to create it yourself.

Today I had the fantastic opportunity to meet a beautiful young and hugely talented lady called Tracy, who holds that strong belief in herself and her ability, her business goals and life path. She chatted about her business,  and what she has created and successes so far, as well as her furture goals and directions that she will take.  Chatting with Tracy also started me also on my daily affirmation time, for that day, where I remind myself of my own awake dream and goals and the next stage I am to achieve,  in my continuing life. 

So book your ticket, starting today, jump onboard and take the trip, the trip of your lifetime, on the proactive train, fuelled by belief and personal growth and follow yourself to the life you want. 

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  1. always remember "its only a problem if you think it is


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